In years 1751 and 1752, the French explorer and astronomer Nicolas Louis de Lacaille was watching the Southern Hemisphere sky, during the expedition to the Cape of good hope. His fantasy added a new constelation to the map, which he called Le Chevalet et La Pallete, so it ment a painting gear rack and a pallet. Because scholars of that time were publishing their work in Latin, we got the constelation Equuleus Pictorius in the 1763. So Johann Bode had renamed the constelation to Pluteum Pictoris in his work Uranographia, and later it was shortened into Pictor.


So what is Pictor? We see it as something beautiful, tiny stars in the distant sky, a tool used by the painter in his solitude and detection of beautiful, color, which make life more beautiful and friendly.


So we chose the name Pictor for our famaly buisiness: we call our products Fashion accessories with heart, and on our website they are displayed for yout to look at them and like or dislike them. All are the work of our hands and the result of our love.



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